Cúrsa Gramco offers six different levels and a comprehensive booklet accompanies each level. Students will be able to use this booklet as a revision aid in their following year at school.

The aim of this course is that students will gain confidence and competence at an early stage in the acquiring of the Irish language. The emphasis is on a contextual approach and written exercises must be completed by students. This work is then consolidated by verbal work and Cúrsa Gramco ensures that the students will always work in an atmosphere of total support from their teachers. We guarantee that students will make significant progress if they come to the course with a good attitude and we would hope that they would gain a ‘grá’ for the language.

The huge advantage of doing Cúrsa Gramco lies in the fact that the students have 5 academic classes starting at 9:00a.m. every morning. The morning timetable is as follows:

  • 9:00 – 9:45
  • 9:45 – 10:30
  • 10:30 – 11:10


  • 11:30 – 12:15
  • 12:15 – 12:55

One morning in Gramco is equivalent to a full week at second level school in terms of contact with the learning of the language. Students therefore can make huge progress even in one week if they truly engage with the learning process. Altogether students will have 70 academic classes for the 14 mornings and on the final morning an all-Irish Quiz is held for all of the students on Cúrsa Gramco.

Tuition: A bilingual approach is used with Primary and Junior Cert level students but naturally as the course progresses, Irish becomes more dominantly the medium of communication. The medium of communication with Leaving Cert students is Irish only. Teachers incorporate revision periods into every class so as students can definitely see for themselves that they are assimilating the language.

Learning materials: Students are asked to bring an Irish-English dictionary with them as we home in on grammatical skills in relation to masculine and feminine nouns and the implication of this. This is done in a fun way and is a great eye-opener for the students. Students at Primary and Junior Cert level are required to have one copy that will contain all the correct solutions to the exercises in the workbook. Teachers will show them how to cross-reference. This is a vital component of the learning process and we hope for the support of parents in checking this particular copy. Students need also to have a black and red biro.

The 20 minute break: It is advisable that students take a snack and drink with them for this break. Students must remain on college campus and supervision will be in place to ensure students’ safety. There is a roll-call in every class after the break and parents will be immediately notified if their child is not in attendance.

Absences: Parents are asked to notify us by written notes or by phone if their child will be absent for any length of time.

Student behavior: Students are expected to co-operate fully in the learning process and to be supportive of their teachers and fellow students. Bullying will not be tolerated and any student who participates in this will be dismissed from the course and forfeit their fee in the process.

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